If you were born in America with the name Dayton, there is a high probability that you descend from our common progenitor Ralph Dayton, my 8th great-grandfather.

My brother Jim and I descend from Ralph>Samuel>Abraham>Henry>David Senior>David Junior>Henry>Charles>Wilber (our grandfather).

Our compilation of records and interpretation entitled Our Long Island Ancestors, the First Six Generations of Daytons in America, 1639-1807, is available in both hardcover and softcover from major booksellers. Jim offers the hardcover at significant savings in his eBay store, where he also provides page previews. The book is not-for-profit, with contributions going to Long Island historical societies.

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2 Responses to Welcome

  1. scowha7 says:

    I know you were exhaustive in your research and from what I hear, this is a very well written book. I am sure your work will inspire others to learn more about their own heritage. Good Job Dayton brothers!


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