(UPDATED Dec. 24, 2022)
If you were born in America with the name Dayton, there is a high probability that you descend from our common progenitor Ralph Dayton, my 8th great-grandfather. I descend from Ralph> Samuel> Abraham> Henry> David Senior> David Junior> Henry> Charles> Wilber (my grandfather).

Our decades of research have been gathered into a compilation of records and interpretation entitled Our Long Island Ancestors, the First Six Generations of Daytons in America, 1639-1807. The original intent was to preserve discoveries for the larger Dayton family in the form of a book that might read as a story. The book is available in both hardcover and paperback, but a PDF version can be found on Archive.org and on Familysearch.org.

The book is not for profit, with proceeds going to Long Island historical societies.

My brother and I enjoyed contact with extended family and like-minded friends, so this blog has been created after publishing our book in order that we might establish contact and prompt discussion. From October 2016 to December 2018, over 150 posts were added to this site, most having to do with our first six generations of Dayton ancestors in America.

In December 2018, I decided to take a break while recovering from illness but I have continued to monitor the site. In May 2022, I retired from my full-time employment at Taylor University and am resuming work on a second book, a continuation of the first.

In December 2022, my brother and co-author James Paul Dayton passed from this world to the next, and we are rejoicing that he has been relieved from his suffering.

You are encouraged to leave a comment or ask a question at the end of any post. However, if you prefer to contact me privately and securely, please use the contact form on the Contact page.


In August 2022, we were very excited to announce that our cousin Deane Dayton began the Ralph Dayton Y-DNA Project. Since that time, he had been updating Jim and I weekly with latest developments. In turn, I will post progress reports of significance.

Your interest and responses are much appreciated and we are anxious in our anticipation to see what will be uncovered!

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6 Responses to Welcome

  1. scowha7 says:

    I know you were exhaustive in your research and from what I hear, this is a very well written book. I am sure your work will inspire others to learn more about their own heritage. Good Job Dayton brothers!


  2. Robert J Dayton says:

    I’m Robert Dayton son of Harris Spencer Dayton , I have two brothers John E Dayton , Spencer Harris Dayton Jr. , one sister Barbara J Dayton . My Father has a family history that goes back before the civil war on Long Island . Looking forward to reading your book . Best wishes , Robert Dayton


    • Steve Dayton says:

      Thank you Robert. It’s nice to meet you. Do you know if the name “Robert” goes back very far in your line? If so, you might come from Robert, Ralph Dayton’s son. I’ve met others recently from Robert’s line who remained on the east end of Long Island.


  3. Liz Martinez-Gibson says:

    Hi Steve. I’m glad to see you back! I was hoping all was well with you. I wrote back several years ago and I enjoyed reading your blog. I am a descendant of Ralph> Samuel> Isaac> Nathaniel> Tuthill> Samuel> Robert White> Robert Henry> Ann Eliza Dayton.


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